about sounds of in between

Sounds Of In-Between is an exploration of the theme of timelessness and a sense of 'in-between' in sound and music. It brings together voice, instruments and field recordings in a timeless collage of music and imagery - each ‘piece’ blends seamlessly into the next in a continuous unfolding of musical sensation, texture and colour. It draws upon the idea of states of ‘in-between’ or liminal zones, where the listener may experience a sense of temporal suspension or timelessness.

Utilising the backdrop of the Blue Mountains as visual inspiration, Sounds Of In Between employs instrumentation and techniques that re-awaken an interest in the everyday phenomena of our natural environmentAlthough each track can be listened to independently, it is recommended to play the album in its entirety to maintain a sense of suspension over the duration of the recording.

Sounds Of In Between is available for purchase as a download or limited edition compact disc through Bandcamp - get your own copy here


“His arrangements have an almost transcendental aura about them... reverb-assisted psychedelic swirls recall a ‘60s vibe (with) a touch of modern, edgy indie-ness” 
Paul Smith, Sydney Morning Herald

“‘Throughout, it’s obvious Long has a solid hold of his material and a focus to match, realised with such an eye for detail the whole thing just shimmers in your ears,” 
Michael Smith, Drum Media

‘One minute you’re wondering what you’re going to have for lunch, the next your mind has been hijacked away to childhood imaginings of cities in the clouds... it’s transcendant stuff.’ 
Robyn Jarman, Stix Magazine